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Improve RDS scalability and resilience with AWS RDS Proxy

January 21, 2022

AWS RDS Proxy improves database efficiency, application scalability, and security. With the use of RDS Proxy your applications are able to pool and share database connections. Removing the overhead of opening and closing connections.

Pooling connections

A connection pool acts as cache for database connections, enabling applications to share and re-use connections. This will remove CPU and RAM overhead for opening connections. This will improve the scalability of your application.

Availability and resilience

In the event of a database failure RDS Proxy is able to connect to a healthy database instance. This will increase the recovery time of a database failover. AWS claims a reduced client recovery time of up to 79% for Amazon Aurora MySQL and by up to 32% for Amazon RDS for MySQL. Implementing RDS Proxy improves the availability and resilience of your database.


Authentication can be done with the AWS Secrets Manager and the use of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). Improving the security of your database and applications.